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Staff/Community Volunteers


Executive Director

  • Cosette Crist


Chief Financial Officer

  • Mary Prows


Elementary Program Coordinator

  • Morgan Veach

Middle School Program Coordinator

  • TBD

Elementary Site Assistant

  • TBD

Cook/Site Assistant

  • TBD

Middle School Site Assistant

  • TBD

IWU Students

  • Serving through Work Study

  • Various Practicum and Internships

  • Volunteer Hours


Additional Volunteers

  • Sarah Montgomery

  • Jackie Foltz

  • Robert Mitchell

  • Cliff Stanley

  • Phil Prows

  • Other community volunteers          

Board of Directors 

Karmen McKelvey -

 Serves as Board Secretary

  • Employment:

    • Former Teacher - Lakeview Christian School - Marion, IN 

  • About:

    • Native of Ohio

    • Bachelors Degree - Indiana Wesleyan University - 2017

    • Worked at the Training Center throughout college

    • Loves being around childrenn

  • Years of service with Training Center - 2018-current (term 2)

  • Why:

    • ​"My reason for serving is there are so many students in  Marion that need love and support.  I want to help children gain a sturdy foundation while they are young so that they may succeed later in life.  I believe their education is very  important and the Training Center provides a safe and  welcoming place for them to learn more. The Training Center started as a job in college and the  Lord drew my heart into it.  I'm serving because I have a desire to see children grow academically, socially, and emotionally."

Nancy Price -

  • Employment:

    • Marion Community Schools - Assistant Principal - Allen Elementary School

  • About:

    • Married to Michael

    • Two Sons: Noah & Jonah

    • Education:

    •      Undergrad - Elementary Education

    •      Masters

    •      Doctorate

    • Served in Education for over 20 years

  • Years of service with Training Center - 2021-current (term 1)

  • Why:

    • "​The Training Center serves a very valuable purpose in Grant County.  With correct and strong support, it will become a vital part of the success of Grant County's future. 

          Being an employee of Marion Community Schools has opened 

          my eyes to the various needs of our students and their

          families.  I look forward to sharing my experiences in

          education as it relates to the opportunities the Training

          Center provides.​

Kelly Monahan -

  • Employment:

    • Radiant Health - Manager of Events & Marketing​

  • About:

    • Mother of two sons

    • Bachelor of Art from American Military University - Business       Administration | Entrepreneurial & Small Business

    • ​​Served for 10 years in the Air Force as an Intelligence                Operations Manager​

  • Years of service with the Training Center - 2023 (Term 1)

  • Why:

One open  board position

Mignon Orr (Meagon)

   Serves as Board Treasurer

  • Employment: 

    • Community School of the Arts

    •      Director of Development since 2013

  • About: 

    • Married: to high school sweetheart - Adam Orr

    • Family: Daughter - Mia

    • Education:

    •    BS  Purdue University

    •    Graduated from Eastbrook High School

    • Lots of Pet

  • Years of service with Training Center - 2021-current (term 1)

  • Why:  

    • "I believe the Training Center is a great asset to our community.  I was around when the Training Center began as a Nutrition Educator with Purdue Extension.  I was honored when Mary asked me to join the Board.

Robert Mitchell

  • Employment:

    • Marion Community Schools  - 

    •    McCulloch - Social Studies Educator

  • About:

    • Children: Baleigh, Khloe, Bryson

    • Bachelor's Degree of Industrial Technology/Electronic Engineering from Jackson State University

  • Years of service with Training Center - 2020-current (term 1)

  • Why: "The Training Center is a great place for the youth in our community.  This place offers tutoring, mentoring, and a great summer program.  I joined this organization because I love seeing the kids excel in every aspect of life."


Keenan Davis -

  Serves as Board President

  • Employment:

    • Owner -Keenan Davis State Farm Agency

  • About:

    • Married to Tashema - 2010

    • Two Daughters 

    • Degrees from IWU and Shaw University

    • Travel Agents

    • Sits on 2 additional non-profit boards

  • Years of service with Training Center - 2020-current (term 1)

  • Why:

    • "​The Training Center serves a very valuable purpose in Grant County.  With correct and strong support, it will become a vital part of the succes of Grant County's future. I believe in the mission and vision of the Training Center."

Sarah Summerset -

  • Employment:

    • Marion Community Schools - 20 Years

    • Assistant Director Little Giants PreSchool

  • About:

    • Married to Bennett Summerset

      • Two Sons - Rhys and Jase

        • Who are active in sports and CSA​

      • Degree in Education from Indiana University

      • Loves to Travel & Shop

  • Years of service with Training Center - 2021-current (term 1)

  • Why:

    • "I see how important it is for students to have a stable enviroment and the Training Center can help provide that." 

Rachel Creech -

  • ​Employment:

    • TLC Management

  • About:​

    • Married with two children, a niece, nephew, and a granddaughter who Rachel's world revolves around. ​​​

    • Education: Associates Degree Paralegal Studies

    • Enjoys cooking, gardening and crafting

    • Believes in locals supporting locals

  • Years of service with Training Center - 2023 - current (term 1)

  • Why:

    • Children are the future is so cliche', but it is the truth.  In order to be successful they need the right foundation - academically, socially, as well as everyday skills.  The Training Center provides this and so much more.​​​​

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