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Staff/Community Volunteers


Executive Director

  • Cosette Crist


Chief Financial Officer

  • Mary Prows


Elementary Program Coordinator

  • Morgan Veach

Middle School Program Coordinator

  • James Gargus

Elementary Site Assistant

  • Melanie Lawson

Cook/Site Assistant

  • Terri Reynolds

Middle School Site Assistant

  • Hayden Rowley

IWU Students

  • Serving through Work Study

  • Various Practicum and Internships

  • Volunteer Hours


Additional Volunteers

  • Sarah Montgomery

  • Jackie Foltz

  • Robert Mitchell

  • Cliff Stanley

  • Phil Prows

  • Other community volunteers          

Board of Directors 

Kristy Barney -

  • Employment:

    • Midwest Metal - Director, Muncie, IN

  • About:

    • Longtime resident of Marion, IN

    • Associates Degree in Business Management and Applied Science

    • Serves on numerous community boards throughout Grant County

    • Enjoys time with family, friends, exercising, cooking, and being out in nature in her downtime. 

  • Years of service with Training Center - 2024-current (Term 1)

  • Why:

    • ​"I am honored to serve with the Training Center and continue to bring value to community and the children in our community.  I am passionately dedicated to contributing to the quality of life, education, and creating safe environments for our children within the community to allow them to consistently grow and prosper."

Bethany Baughman -

  • ​Employment: 

    • State of Indiana - Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

  • About:​

    • Married to Timothy

    • Education: Graduated from Taylor University with BS in Psychology in 2008

  • Years of service with Training Center - 2024-current (term 1)

  • Why:

    • ​Pending Update​

Rachel Creech -

  • ​Employment:

    • TLC Management

  • About:​

    • Married with two children, a niece, nephew, and a granddaughter who Rachel's world revolves around. ​​​

    • Education: Associates Degree Paralegal Studies

    • Enjoys cooking, gardening and crafting

    • Believes in locals supporting locals

  • Years of service with Training Center - 2023-current (term 1)

  • Why:

    • Children are the future is so cliche', but it is the truth.  In order to be successful they need the right foundation - academically, socially, as well as everyday skills.  The Training Center provides this and so much more.

Kelly Monahan-

  Serves as Board President

  • Employment:

    • Self-employed Marketing Consultant

  • About:

    • Mother of two sons

    • Bachelor of Art from American Military University - Business       Administration | Entrepreneurial & Small Business

    • ​​Served for 10 years in the Air Force as an Intelligence                Operations Manager​ and Operation Enduring Freedom

    • Serves on the Breath Easy Coalition

  • Years of service with Training Center - 2023-present (Term 1)

  • Why:

    • "​There are s many children in our community who are facing unique challenges.  Serving on this board allows me to contribute to initiatives that empower and uplift our local youth.  The Training Center is making lasting change in our community. I'm happy to invest my time to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most."


One open  board position

Robert Mitchell -

  Serves as Vice President

  • Employment:

    • Marion Community Schools  - 

    •    McCulloch - Social Studies Educator

  • About:

    • Children: Baleigh, Khloe, Bryson

    • Bachelor's Degree of Industrial Technology/Electronic Engineering from Jackson State University

  • Years of service with Training Center - 2020-current (term 1)

  • Why: "The Training Center is a great place for the youth in our community.  This place offers tutoring, mentoring, and a great summer program.  I joined this organization because I love seeing the kids excel in every aspect of life."

Mignon Orr (Meagon) -

   Serves as Board Treasurer

  • Employment: 

    • Community School of the Arts

    •      Director of Development since 2013

  • About: 

    • Married: to high school sweetheart - Adam Orr

    • Family: Daughter - Mia

    • Education:

    •    BS  Purdue University

    •    Graduated from Eastbrook High School

    • Lots of Pet

  • Years of service with Training Center - 2021-current (term 1)

  • Why:  

    • "I believe the Training Center is a great asset to our community.  I was around when the Training Center began as a Nutrition Educator with Purdue Extension.  I was honored when Mary asked me to join the Board.


Nancy Price -

  Serves as Secretary

  • Employment:

    • Marion Community Schools - Assistant Principal - Allen Elementary School

  • About:

    • Married to Michael

    • Two Sons: Noah & Jonah

    • Education:

    •      Undergrad - Elementary Education

    •      Masters

    •      Doctorate

    • Served in Education for over 20 years

  • Years of service with Training Center - 2021-current (term 1)

  • Why:

    • "​The Training Center serves a very valuable purpose in Grant County.  With correct and strong support, it will become a vital part of the success of Grant County's future. 

          Being an employee of Marion Community Schools has opened 

          my eyes to the various needs of our students and their

          families.  I look forward to sharing my experiences in

          education as it relates to the opportunities the Training

          Center provides.​

Jeff Wilson -

  • ​Employment:

    • Wabash City Schools - Transportation Services - Fleet

  • About:​

    • Married to Anna

    • Has four children

    • Attends New Life Community Church

    • Great supporter of the Training Center

  • Years of service with Training Center - 2023-current (term 1)

  • Why:

    • Pending Update​​​​

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